Welcome to Je'Xperiment

What is Je'Xperiment?

Je'Xperiment is software package created to accompany the researcher from the experimental design to the data processing and viewing. Based on a database structure, it aims at making the data collection, viewing and archiving easier for the researcher. Presently Je'Xperiment is focused on image / movie storage and treatement for biology researchers. This program is designed to help batch processing of images for medium to high throughput datacollection, but can easily be used to archive data for any application.

Why use Je'Xperiment?

Je'Xperiment saves and treats all data in a database format. Any processing is stored, and can be repeated. Any value extracted from images is stored and the link to the original file is memorized, allowing the user to reprocess all the data using new parameters automatically. Scientific integrity is enhanced through the hard link between results and original data.

Who are we?

The MMB lab is a biomedical engineering laboratory, oriented towards medium to high throughput solutions for cell culture and cellular studies…

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